Kindergarten Teachers

Who will be my child’s teacher?

Battle Academy has 4 kindergarten classrooms and two multiage classrooms. Students are not placed in a specific teacher’s class until after phase in is complete. The kindergarten and multiage teachers spend phase in getting to know the students. Then they use their screening scores and observations of the students to place them in the class they feel is the best fit for the kindergartener. The kindergarten teachers are Sierra Cotham, Lilly Rogers, and Carrie Shipley. The multiage teachers are Dottie Love and Brooke Snyder.

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Ms. Cotham  Mrs. Shipley   Mrs. Rogers
Love Brooke
   Mrs. Love         Mrs. Snyder

What is multi-age?

Battle Academy has 2 multiage classrooms for students in kindergarten and first grade. Students placed in the multiage program will remain with the same teacher for kindergarten and first grade. They use a mentor/mentee model with the students to help create strong classroom relationships.

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