Dress Code

Our Dress Code

Our school colors are HUNTER GREEN, YELLOW AND WHITE


Shirt colors are navy blue, white, hunter green, yellow, and gray with NO EXCEPTIONS. Boys and girls both must wear collared shirts (long or short sleeves) including polo shirts, oxford shirts, or turtlenecks. UNIFORM COLORS ONLY. Girls may wear Peter Pan blouses in uniform colors. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Battle event T-shirts/Battle sweatshirts such as Arts Experience, Battle Banzai, Battle Rockets or Battle Track may be worn any day of the week. Students wearing any other type or color of shirt will call parents to bring a uniform shirt to school. Undershirts, if worn, must be solid white. NO EXCEPTIONS. ANY OTHER COLOR STUDENT WILL BE ASKED TO REMOVE THE UNDERSHIRT.


Boys and girls both may wear khaki, brown or navy blue. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist and be appropriate length at all times. Shorts must be longer than the end of finger tips when arms are at your sides.


Girls may wear khaki or navy blue also French Toasts’ Green Plaid. No short shorts or mini-skirts may be worn. These must be longer than the end of fingertips when arms are at your sides.

Cardigan/pullover sweater/sweater vest

Boys and girls may wear navy blue, green, yellow, gray or white.


Boys and girls must wear a black or brown belt with slacks or shorts with loops. No large/decorative buckles may be worn.


Tennis shoes are suggested for safety, comfort, and an active day. Soft-soled shoes with a good tread are also acceptable. For safety reasons and to prevent disruptions-No clogs, sandals, Croc-style shoes, rain boots, wheelies (shoes with wheels), sequin/fur boots or stack heels may be worn.


Boys and girls must wear socks. Girls may also wear footed tights. Leggings or footless tights may not be worn as pants. Leggings and tights may be worn under skirts, dresses or shorts.


Outerwear may not be worn in the building other than in the classroom with teacher approval. Solid colored sweaters are acceptable; no hooded sweatshirts allowed. EXCEPTION is Battle approved logo sweatshirts.

If students come to school in violation of the dress code, parents will be called to bring acceptable clothing.

No logos on clothing other than the approved Battle Academy embroidered logo. No backpacks/book bags on wheels or string backpacks.

Administration will address any clothing, jewelry, etc. deemed as being disruptive or taking away from the learning environment. Hats, hoods, wristbands and athletic headbands are not allowed. Students arriving at school out of uniform will be required to call home so a parent or guardian can bring the appropriate clothing to school.


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