Taylor Pelchat

                                                                   Hello! My Name is Taylor Pelchat. 

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I am excited to be starting my 1st year of teaching here at Battle Academy. I graduated in December of 2017 from UTC, where I received my degree in Early Childhood Education. My choice in degree was a no-brainer for me -- I've been working with kids my whole life and can't imagine doing anything different! I am actually the oldest of 12 children, so my very first job was babysitting and helping to care for my big, crazy, lovable family. I went from there to babysitting children I wasn't related to, working in daycares, volunteering in elementary schools, and nannying for families within the community. 

I've only lived in Tennessee for six years. I was born in Iowa and grew up in Utah. When I was a senior in high school, my mom surprised me by taking me to a Taylor Swift concert in Nashville. Just joking, I told her that we should move there... and she said okay! Six months later, my family moved to Nashville two days before I started school in Chattanooga. This is hands down my favorite place that I've ever lived and I never want to leave!

I am very passionate about encouraging young learners, and I believe that children have an infinite capacity to learn and grow -- I think they can teach me just as much as I can teach them! I teach Science, Writing, and Social Studies for our fourth grade team, and I can't wait for an amazing year getting to know and grow alongside our students and their families.

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